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At Strength For Life, we offer appointment only, private, fitness instruction to strengthen your entire body. We utilize a High Intensity Training (HIT) protocol that emphasizes safety and efficiency to help you achieve maximum benefit from your efforts with a small investment of time. Our workouts are ideal for a wide range of individuals, including the elderly, those with physical limitations, such as chronic knee or joint injuries, osteoarthritis, RSI issues, or other physical challenges that might make conventional exercise methods unappealing or impossible. We can also produce superior results for athletes, body builders and others who are already in great shape and looking to take their strength and health to the next level.

With our technique we ask that our clients move heavy weights very slowly in a smooth, controlled fashion. Once you have become proficient at performing the exercises we will systematically increase the weights that you lift until you are able to reach momentary muscular fatigue (the point at which the weights stop moving) in under three minutes per set. This sends a strong message to your muscles that they need to become stronger to adapt to what is being asked of them. We emphasize very slow movement at the core of our methodology which greatly reduces any dangerous force applied to the body, makes the movements easier to perform properly, and highlights form discrepancies to your instructor. We measure time under load rather than counting repetitions and our clients perform one set on each machine. After you've finished one set you will see why another would be redundant.

Exercising this way allows you to communicate with your body in it's own chemical language. When you get to that moment of deep fatigue the muscles produce growth hormone in response and begin the biologically expensive process of getting stronger. The time you spend on the machines merely acts as the stimulus while the rest you take between workouts allows your body to build new lean muscle. We aim to keep micro tearing of the tissue to a minimum as our goal is the production of more healthy tissue rather than injury.

We believe that proper form is the key to both safety and powerful results. Your instructor will accompany you through each exercise and guide you to ensure that your form is solid even as you bring the working muscles to momentary muscular fatigue. You will always have your own instructor and they will be focused exclusively on your workout, not leading a class or supervising a group of clients at once.

Our philosophy comes from an attitude of working to live rather than living to work. Weight training is the most effective way to build new muscle and new muscle is the key to optimal health and functional ability throughout all stages of our adult lives. Much of the vitality associated with youth comes from the young having more muscle than those later in life. We weight lift to cultivate the physical resources to go out and enjoy life. Our goal is to spend as little time as possible in the gym so we can put time into our families and our hobbies. Great health need not come at the cost of your precious free time.

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